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“Application Developer”




My name is Boris, I am 17 years old and study now Application Developer.
I chose application developer because I find this study very fun and interesting. Not long ago I moved to Hoorn A small neighborhood in Heerde, that is between Wapenveld in Epe. In my spare time I work in a Organic supermarket / restaurant. It's a job where you learn a lot about special products and food. I help customers behind the checkout, fill out the shelves of the store and help with the cooking of dishes such as soup, pizza and sandwiches during busy days in the kitchen. All dishes made there are from biological origin. I got this job through my internship in the 3rd of my high school. Outside work I also like chilling with friends or play videogames




Scrum is a method we use in school, we use it to develop and produce software. You work together in teams and you divide the roles with your team. This way you learn how to work together and work more efficiently. One of the roles. One of those roles is the product owner, which is the client or customer who tells what the assignment is and what its requirements are.We have the development team, who implement the plans and make sure it's time off. And finally we have the scrum master who leads the team and tells who can and what the team should do.